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The undoubted climax of our distinguished guest's visit was the official naming, and christening with water from the Dawson River, of Qantas Boeing 737-838 VH-XZO in a ceremony at Brisbane Airport on 28 October 2014.

Together with visiting Bundestag President Prof Dr Norbert Lammert, our guest did the honours in front of an invited VIP audience of dignitaries, including ambassadors past and present, and friends old and new. Australian Aviation magazine reported on the event, but we'll let the pictures do the talking here ...

1.1.1 a THUMB MT-6040 DawsonRiver-waterbottles 2610-filtered   1.1.2a THUMB PH-1609 BAP-QF-H3-exterior 2810
Four 600ml bottles of filtered Dawson River water, complete with commemorative labels, were prepared from the Muches' collected bottle. (Foto: MT)   Qantas Hangar 3 on the eastern side of Brisbane Airport, handles the airline's Boeing 737 maintenance and was the venue for the event. (Foto: Paula Hay)
1.2.1a THUMB TH-3 BAP XZO-LL-MT 2810   1.2.2a THUMB JD-0014 BAP-XZO-LL-MT 2810
On the stairs by the nose of the three-week-old Boeing 737, Ludwig and Matt Tesch shake hands on the memorable moment. (Foto: Tuba Media Productions)    Ludwig waves to the crowd as a clearly-delighted Matt, who conceived and drove the aircraft naming proect, looks on. (Foto: Jen Dainer / DFAT)
1.3.1a THUMB MT-6059 BAP XZO-with-LL 2810   1.3.2a THUMB TH-11 BAP XZO-LL-MS 2810
Ludwig stands next to VH-XZO in what must surely have been a very profound moment, which was one year in the making. (Foto: MT)   Ludwig with Honorary Consul Michael Schütz who, as chair of the Leichhardt Roundtable group, oversaw a 'wild idea' come to aeronautical fruition. (Tuba Media)
1.4.1a THUMB TH-49 XZO-cockpit-NL-with-DE 2810   1.4.2a THUMB JD-0118 BAP XZO-cockpit-LL-MT-DE 2810
Bundestag President Lammert (L) receives a briefing from Qantas Senior Captain David Evans in the cockpit of VH-XZO before the ceremony. (Tuba Media)   'Captain Leichhardt' assures Matt Tesch that this is
no longer just a dream as the real Captain Evans
looks on. (Foto: Jen Dainer / DFAT)
1.5.1a THUMB MT-6072 BAP-H3-ceremony QF-NB-MC 2810   1.5.2a THUMB TH-31 BAP-H3-official-audience 2810
Invited guests take their seats in front of VH-XZO in the middle bay of Hangar 3 as Qantas MC Nick Bull opens the proceedings. (Foto: MT)   Evocative view of the assembled VIPs and dignitaries from beside the flying kangaroo on the number 1 engine cowling of VH-XZO. (Tuba Media)

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1.6.1a THUMB JD-0034 BAP-QF NL-LL-CL-MS 2810   1.6.2a THUMB TH-66 BAP-QF-H3 Official-group-foto-XZO 2810
President Lammert, Ludwig and Germany's Consular team Claudia Lüttringhaus and Michael Schütz stand before VH-XZO. (Foto: Jen Dainer / DFAT   One of the official group shots of the gathered VIPs, ambassadors and other diplomatic staff, and members of the Leichhardt Roundtable. (Tuba Media)
1.7.all a THUMB RM-6951 XZO-Captain-LL 2810
A visibly-moved Ludwig waves to the crowd from the open captain's-side window of VH-XZO.
(Foto: Robyn Muche)
2.1.1a THUMB PA-2112 BAP XZO-BA-LM 2810   2.1.2a THUMB JD-0046 BAP-QF-NB welcomes-guests 2810
Brisbane Marketing's Greeter Blair Allsopp with Louise Möller: both played important roles in the success of Ludwig's 2014 visit. (Foto: Peter Armitter)   Event MC Nick Bull, Qantas head of customer operations at Brisbane Domestic, acknowledges the array of VIP guests. (Foto: Jen Dainer / DFAT)
2.2.1a THUMB JD-0056 BAP QF-Capt-DE-speaking 2810   2.2.2a THUMB JD-0071 BAP BD-NL-speaking 2810
Qantas Senior Captain David Evans speaks of the historical significance of Leichhardt's name in Queensland. (Foto: Jen Dainer / DFAT)   President Lammert remarked on the Boeing 737's ability to do in hours what had taken Leichhardt months or years. (Foto: Jen Dainer / DFAT)
2.3.1a THUMB JD-0079 BAP-QF ANU-map-for-NL 2810   2.3.2a THUMB TH-37 BAP-QF-ANU-map-to-QF 2810
President Lammert receiving a limited edition fabric copy of the ANU's magnificent 1844-45 expedition map. (Foto: Jen Dainer / DFAT)   Matt Tesch presented another copy of the ANU map to Qantas representatives Nick Bull and Captain Evans. (Tuba Media prductions)

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2.4.1a THUMB HM-2023 BAP-QF XZO-christening-moment 2810   2.4.2a THUMB RM-6922 BAP-QF XZO-christened 2810
The moment arrives! Wolfgang Kreuzer (R) captures the four bottles of Dawson River water being poured onto the nose of VH-XZO. (Foto: Helen McMonagle)   Doing the honours were the hands of Bundestag President Lammert, Captain Evans, Ludwig and
Matt Tesch. (Foto: Robyn Muche)
2.5.1a THUMB PA-2143 BAP-QF XZO-christeners-foto-moment 2810   2.5.2a THUMB TH-47 BAP-QF XZO-christeners-starboard-nose 2810
After the deluge, the christening party pauses for photos at the head of the stairs next to door L1. 
(Foto: Peter Armitter)
  Official shot of the christening party by the starboard side nose of the Boeing 737, with name and registration clearly visible. (Tuba Media)
2.6.1a THUMB JD-0094 BAP-QF-certificates-NB-MM MT-LL 2810   2.6.2a THUMB TH-64 BAP-QF-tech-team 2810
Commemorative certificates, co-signed by Ludwig, were presented to Qantas and to Megan Morris, who deftly arranged the event. (Foto: Jen Dainer / DFAT)    As well as to the Operations staff, special thanks also to the tech crews from Qantas Engineering who set up superbly in the working hangar. (Tuba Media) 
2.7.all a THUMB TH-61 BAP-QF-H3 XZO-panorama 2810
Panorama of the interior of Hangar 3, with some final photos of VH-XZO after the ceremony. The aircraft returned to service a couple of hours later the same day. (Foto: Tuba Media Productions)  

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