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DAAD Photography Competition – Capture the Spirit and Legacy of Leichhardt!

To celebrate this 2013 Bicentenary year, DAAD Australia is hosting a photography competition. Send in your photograph and win great prizes, such as tickets to the Goethe-Institut's 2014 German Film Festival, a DAAD compass and many more!

Ludwig Leichhardt, born 1813, was a Prussian explorer and naturalist who became famous for his exploration of northern and central Australia. In 1848, he set out from the Condamine River to reach the Swan River, expecting the journey to last two to three years. The expedition never arrived, but Leichhardt's legacy and spirit live on. Capture them in a photograph to enter the competition!

How it works:

Anyone can send in their Leichhardt photograph by email. We will then post the photos in monthly folders on our Facebook page. To vote, people will have to "like" us on Facebook and then "like" their favourite photograph or photographs to vote. The picture with the most "likes" at the end of the month wins that month.

(Word to the wise: As we're expecting momentum to grow, send your photograph in early to maximise your chances!)

Monthly winners will be announced prominently on our Twitter page and will be our Facebook cover photo for the following month. You will always be credited for your photo. In January 2014, we will put together an album of the pictures of the month and the runners-up, and you get to vote again – this time for the overall competition winners!

To contribute your Leichhardt photo for the competition:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as an attachment. The picture needs to be in JPEG format and no larger than 1MB. Please name the photo "Leichhardt Competition [Firstname] [Lastname] [Month].jpg". If you're sending more than one photograph at a time, feel free to add a number to distinguish between photographs.

Be creative, bearing in mind that your picture must contain a clear reference to Leichhardt. The final decision in this regard lies with the DAAD Sydney Team. Any complaints will be futile

Please state the following in your email: "I, [First name] [Last name], declare that I own the copyright for this photograph and I give permission to use this photo in the context of the DAAD Australia Leichhardt Competition, including publications regarding the competition."
We will then post the photograph on our Facebook page, enabling people to vote.

To vote:

Log into your Facebook account. Look through the current monthly folder for the Leichhardt Competition and "like" your favourite photo or photos. You can "like" as many photos as you want. The photo with the most "likes" will be declared the monthly winner.

Important information:

  • You're welcome to send more than one picture at a time.
  • You're also welcome to send in one or more pictures each month. Just make sure you don't send the same picture twice!
  • You can both send in a picture and vote, including voting for your own photographs, or of course just vote without sending a picture.
  • You will need a Facebook account to vote.
  • The DAAD Sydney Team reserves the right to delete irrelevant or inappropriate images.
  • Your name will be cited as the copyright owner of your photograph in any publication.
  • The month ends on the last day of that month at midnight AEDT
  • For any other queries, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  direct for more information.


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